Jon Kenzie – There Is A Dream

The pursuit of dynamic energy, the hope of the edge of perfection and the promise of an insight into the minds of the great musicians.

Simon Wood Harris has been writing songs for way too long, having been brought up indulging, dissecting and absorbing the writings of the likes of Peter Gabriel, Sting, Steely Dan & Return to Forever and then onto wondering how the likes of John Martyn & Damien Rice dig into their souls to give us their creative interpretations. Having ingested every single nuance that these artists have given us, SWH started to consider the idea of bringing that style of writing, and then bespoke wrapping, the world’s most gifted musicians around each song to see what might happen.

Take a song, indulge in the fantasy of what musicians might work for each part, and then bring them together in one room and seeing what happens.

What would come out of having those absolute ‚edge of the precipice‘ talents bonding at a level which most of us will never even start to understand? Then start from scratch with the next song — dig deeper into those fantasies and imagine the idea of what might happen the next time.

This is what UFP is about and Simon Wood Harris is doing everything and anything to make it come together. So far, four years work, 7 different drummers, 8 different bass players, 5 guitarists, keyboard players by the truck load – and ONE completed track only! But, much more in development now with the promise of delivering some of those fantasies (Dave Weckl, Pino Palledino, Robbie McIntosh, Kipper, Jeremy Stacey, Dominic Miller, Peter Cox, Spencer Cozens, Roberto Manzin, Enzo Zrilli, Tony Levin, Chris Potter, Jon Kenzie, Robin Malarkey, Jason Robello, Alex Cornish……………………………..) [Facebook: „Simon Wood Harris“]

Jon Kenzie is an unsigned guitarist and singer song writer from Manchester Uk

[Facebook: Jon Kenzie]

Pino Palladino (born 17 October 1957) is a Welsh bass guitarist who gained fame playing primarily rock and roll, blues rock, and rhythm and blues music, although he has been lauded for his ability to play most genres of popular music, including jazz, neo soul, and funk. His career has spanned several ensembles, including the John Mayer Trio and The RH Factor, a band mixing elements of soul, jazz and R&B, which he formed with jazz trumpeter Roy Hargrove. He was also Pete Townshend’s and Roger Daltrey’s first choice to fill the position left by John Entwistle as the bassist for The Who. Adding to an eclectic grasp and melodic approach on his instrument, he has become one of the most sought-after session players on the bass and has played on a large number of recordings by some of the world’s most successful entertainers, in part, by mastering a variety of techniques on both his late 1970s fretless Music Man StingRay bass guitar and, later in his career, adding fretted Fender Precision and Jaguar basses. His playing has earned him custom instruments bearing his name. [From Wikipedia]

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